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Membership is open to any physician or psychologist who is involved in assessment, treatment or advocacy for children, youth and adults with developmental problems and their families.

No membership fees are required at this point to become a formal member.

If you want to become a member, just let us know through the website communication or email directly any of our steering committee members.

Steering Committee:

The steering committee should consist of a minimum of 7 and maximum 12 members. Ideally we would favour representation of steering committee members across the province, across different settings academic/community, and include professionals who are not developmental pediatricians for example general pediatricians, psychologists, psychiatrists.

Composition of the Steering Committee:

Chair  – Nicola Jones-Stokreef

Vice chair  –  Alvin Loh

Immediate past chair –  Ronit Mesterman

Secretary – Ben Klein and Olaf Kraus de Camargo

Treasurer  –  Mohammad Zubairi

Communication – Olaf Kraus de Camargo and Nicky Jones-Stokreef

Research and policy – Ben Klein and Olaf Kraus de Camargo

Nominating committee – Pam Frid

Member at large – Elizabeth Macklin, Jennifer McLean, Paige Church

Chair and Vice Chair:

The chair is committed to serve for two years.

The vice chair is chosen by the steering committee for a two year term.

The vice chair will work in support with the chair for a two year period, after which he/she will

After completion of the term as chair, the person will continue for at least 2 more years as past chair.

Nomination Process:

Any new members to the steering committee are expected to commit to serving at least two years.

Members who want to join the steering committee can self-nominate, or be nominated by a PONDA general member, or invited by the PONDA steering committee.

Submit your letter of interest accompanied by your CV.

The nominating committee, which consists of the chair of the nominating committee, the chair and the vice chair will interview new applicants.

PONDA steering committee is planning the creation of subcommittee that will work on specific projects and will report back to the steering committee. We hope to increase the engagement of the wider membership.

We are actively encouraging trainees to engage with PONDA.

PONDA will have a general meeting twice a year, open to all new and returning members.

The steering committee will have a yearly half day retreat in person as well as monthly teleconferences.

If you are interested to join the steering committee contact Pam Frid, Chair of nominations at

Nicky Jones Stokreef

Chair of PONDA

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