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On this space we want to share resources and presentations given at our Annual Meetings, as far as the speakers agreed with sharing their materials on this site. Feel free to use and cite the materials as long as you provide the attribution to this site and the authors involved.

2021 – November

Here is the agenda for our upcoming meeting on Friday, November 26, starting at 12:15 on Zoom. PONDA members will receive an email to register.


1215 – Informal networking lunch chats

1300 – In the context of the next provincial election in 2022: “Maximizing your reach: social media tips and other advocacy strategies”.   Nicky Jones Stokreef, Ripudaman Minhas, OMA Guest speaker to be confirmed

1415 – Break1430-1530 – A priority of PONDA members since 2013. “The Cliff of Care – Helping increase Family Physician capacity for adults with disabilities” Alvin Loh, Liz Grier

2021 – May

May 14th, 9:00 – 12:00, Virtual Annual Meeting

Mental Health Evidence Based Practices in NDD and Advocacy  by Jennifer McLean, Deanna Swift, Peter Rosenbaum, Kerry Boyd, Terry Bennett, Sara Pot and Alvin Loh

COVID-19 update for people with neurodevelopment disabilities

Video recording of Dr. Vicky Fera explaining COVID-19 vaccines:

Vaccines are safe!

Reports from the PONDA working groups

OMA Neurodevelopmental Disability Special Interest Group

2020 – November

Live-Survey of Participants by Dr. Ronit Mesterman and Dr. Olaf Kraus de Camargo

Back-to-school during COVID-19: Potential impacts on child and youth mental health by Dr. Jaime Brown and Dr. Ashley Radomski

An Introduction to School Mental Health Ontario by Dr. Deanna Swift

Psychiatrists, Schools, Special Needs and COVID: Learning as We Go by Dr. Terry Bennett, Dr. Kerry Boyd and Sara Pot

HELP – When Behaviours Signal Distress by Dr. Kerry Boyd/Dr. Elspeth Bradley

Literacy Alliance of Ontario by Dr. Nicky Jones-Stokreef

Care Models in Germany and Sweden by Dr. Olaf Kraus de Camargo

2020 – May

Virtual Assessment of Cognition and ASD

Telepsychology Assessment by Todd Cunningham

Virtual ASD Assessment – Zooming toward to the future?? by Melanie Penner

Mental Health of Adults with IDD during COVID-19

Adults with IDD & COVID-19 by Liz Grier

Some thoughts about supporting family mental health during COVID-19 by Yona Lunsky

Mental Health and IDD during COVID-19 by Anupam Thakur

Mental Health of Students and Parents

Mental Health of Students and Parents by Sara Pot, Brenda Agnew and Sue Ball

Additional Resources by School Mental Health Ontario:

Build and Sustain Positive Mental Health

Personal Resiliency Tips for Helpers Who Support Students

No Problem Too Big or Too Small


Mental Health and IDD by Alvin Loh and Anupam Thakur

NDIS and Needs Assessment by Olaf Kraus de Camargo

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